Thursday, December 29, 2005

Know Yourself

I posted this on another blog I keep (stroke survivor network) in answer to someone's prompt to answer these "Know Yourself" questions. I found it to be an interesting experience--you should try it yourself!

'Know Yourself' quiz.
1. What do you want? I've never "wanted" a lot. I'm hard to buy gifts for. I don't window shop, I don't make list of things I'd buy if I won the lottery. I want the intangibles, I want to be loved, to be happy, to see my children and grandchildren do the same.

2. What do you need? I need peace, tranquility, things that haven't been in great abundance since Rolly's stroke.

3. What is your greatest fear? I fear being alone in my old age. I was just 17 when Rolly and I married back in 1968. We've been together 37 years now, through the good times and the bad. I can't imagine life without him, as hard as the last 8 months have been on us and our relationship.

4. What is your dearest wish?That the "big bad stroke" had passed us by!

5. What do you need to be happy? Little things. Someone to sit on the couch with me at night, ask me how my day was, enjoy a TV show and a glass of wine with. A new book. A new trail to hike. An adventure waiting to happen.

6. What is your ambition? To make the most of what life has given me. I don't want a fancy career or a million dollars. I want to be happy in my own way, surrounded by my family and good friends.

7. What is your greatest talent? Hard one. Tangible things--cooking, grandparenting. Intangible things--seeing the beauty in little things, enjoying nature.

8. What is your most formidable obstacle? Empathizing with Rolly and all he has gone through. I try, but I can't really put myself in his shoes and feel his frustration and despair.

9. Who is your worst enemy? I'm sure there are people who are not terrible fond of me, but I hope no one "hates" me. Life is indeed too short for such nonsense!

10. With what part of your life are you satisfied? Raising our children to be responsible, interesting adults. They are truly the light of my life.

11. What is your misery in life?I like this saying. "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." I choose not to wallow in the misery.

12. What part of your life would you change? I'd have had my Dad stick around longer. He was 74 when he died, but since he was 16 years older than my Mom, and died when I was 35. I wish he'd been around to see me mature, to see my children grow up into adults, and to know his great grandchildren.

13. What part of your life would you change in the next year? Reduce the clutter in our lives. Physically, we've downsized greatly this year, and that has helped. I need to get some rid of "mental clutter."

14. What is your mission? Truly to leave this world a better place because I was here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas.....NOT Happy Holidays!

Let me express my own personal opinion. If I greet you this holiday season it will be with a warm and hearfelt "Merry Christmas", not "Happy Holidays.", though that seems to be the "politically correct" greeting these days.

If it weren't for Jesus, the "reason for the season", we wouldn't be celebrating Christmas, so what's wrong with calling it what it is?

This country was founded on religious freedom.

Let me express it in my own way.

If you celebrate a different holiday, or none at all, I'm really OK with that.

Just don't take away MY right to celebrate my chosen holiday!

Whew, I'm better now! (~_~)