Thursday, December 30, 2004

Auld Lang Syne

What’s your least favorite day of the year, I wonder. “My, that’s an odd question” you think. But wait, just play along with me. So you think “My favorite day, well, that’s easy – it’s Christmas, or it’s Thanksgiving, or it’s the Fourth of July,” or any other day with special significance to you. But least favorite? Who has a least favorite day, unless it’s April 15th.

Might I suggest that my least favorite day of the year is New Year’s Eve. When the song starts (you know the one, the song you sing after you kiss some stranger at midnight on New Year’s Eve) I invariably start to tear up.

But wait, I can hear you already. “No, she’s wrong. It’s not a sad song, it’s about looking fondly back at the old year and looking forward with anticipation to the new year.” Maybe, but deep inside me something says it’s mostly about looking back with regret, and not really looking forward at all. And life is too short to regret time already spent. So let’s skip all that reminiscing and rehashing and usher in the new year, 2005, that hopefully, is kinder and gentler to us all.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely
in a pretty and well preserved body,
but rather to skid in broadside,
thoroughly used up,
totally worn out,
and loudly proclaiming
“WOW, what a ride!”-----anonymous

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

10 Places I Want to Go Before I Die

1. Yosemite
2. Tuscany
3. Historic sites in Boston
4. Tuscany
5. Yellowstone National Park
6. Tuscany
7.Washington D.C.
8. Tuscany
9. New Orleans
10. Did I mention Tuscany?

Monday, December 27, 2004


I have a Christmas pin that was my son's in high school.

It has the word HO in big letters with the exponent 3 up to the right side (i.e. "Ho Ho Ho")

So my granddaughter Ally comes over and sits in my lap on Christmas, at their friend's house, where we were having dinner. She wraps her arm around my neck, and says "So, How's it going, Ho Three?"

The women were all congregated in the kitchen, and we all laughed out loud. Of course we couldn't explain to Ally, and she looked at us all peculiar, trying to figure out why it was so funny!

I wonder where Ho One and Ho Two were?

Friday, November 12, 2004

Scott Peterson Verdict

Why am I so positive he was guilty as sin?

And why do I feel almost joyful over this verdict (the exact opposite of how I felt when John Kerry was defeated just last week?)

Inquiring minds want to know.

10 Places I've been

10 Places I've been (besides where I grew up & live now)

1. California-Disneyland, Dodger Stadium, SanDiego Zoo, Sea World, San Francisco, Needles, Monterey, Carmel, Capitol building in Sacramento, MarineWorld, wine country in Napa Valley and Amador County (and lots of other places all over the state)
2. Texas - Austin, Dallas (JFK Museum, Southfork, the WestEnd), Fort Worth (Billy Bob's), San Antonio (The Alamo, Sea World
3. Kauai, Hawaii
4. Vancouver, BC and Tijuana, Mexico
5. Washington - Seattle for 3 months every summer as a kid (World's Fair in 1962), Everett, Bothell, Whidbey Island
6. Oregon - Oregon Caves, Sea Lion Caves
7. Tennessee - Nashville (Fan Fair 1992)
8. Nevada - Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin
9. Arizona - Kingman, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Williams (Grand Canyon)
10. A bunch of other states on the way to and from Tennessee (see #7 above)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


So my nine year old granddaughter calls me.

HER: Hi, Grandma. I really love you.

ME: I know you do, Sweetie. I love you too.

HER: Grandma, can I ask you a question?

ME: Sure, Honey.

HER: Is it true
My dad had to walk to school
50 miles
each way
in the snow
with a goat tied around his waist?

ME: And with Uncle Rob on his shoulders!

HER: (Aside) Dad, you had to have Uncle Rob on your shoulders, too?

HIM: Hey, he had to get to school, too!

HER: Grandma, are you telling me the truth?

ME: No, Honey, I'm not.

HER: (Aside) Dad, I knew it! You were lying to me! (Much muffled laughter). Thanks, Grandma, that's all I needed to know. Bye.

Friday, November 05, 2004

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

Friday, November 05, 2004

1. I'm an avid scrapbooker.

2. I was married at 17.

3. I turned down a full tuition/fees college scholarship. Instead I got married, had three kids in the next five years, and got my AA (i.e. “half” of a BA! (~_~)

4. I wanted to be a print journalist.

5. I’m been addicted to reality TV since the first episode of Survivor.

6. Desperate Housewives is my favorite new show

7. I’ve only had two jobs in my life, the first one for 14 years, and this one for 10

8. I cried on the way to the hospital to have my third child, begging the DH not to be mad at me if it was another boy (It wasn’t, and hey, if it had been, it would have been HIS “fault”, not mine! (~_~)

9. I didn’t have any “single” dates in high school, only group dates

10. Instead of stuffed animals, I slept with books!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Beginning

I was introduced to the concept of "blogging" today by my younger sister, who sent me a link to her daughter's blog. I was instantly hooked on the concept. A place to muse, to reflect, to rant, to expound on the little things in life, as well as those larger ones.

I'm going to like this!