Monday, November 21, 2005

My day from H#&^

I'm afraid to ask what else can go wrong, because I'm sure it will!

Older son and family were down this weekend. He noticed his Dad has a mole on his face that looks irregular, and he hadn't really noticed it before. So I've got a call in to the VA for an emergency appointment for that. I leave for 2 weeks on the 1st so need to get it looked at ASAP!

Then I got to work and had forgotten my glasses. Got through the morning OK, a few dumb mistakes cause I couldn't see, so decided to run home at lunch and get them. That took up nearly all my lunch hour, so drove through Taco Bell--Of course once I got in the drive through line, I reached for my purse and had left it at work! Scrounged up enough change out of the ashtray (only thing we use it for! (~_~) for a taco and nachos and a glass of water.

Realized I had a heck of a headache (no doubt from forgetting my glasses) so resolved to take a couple of ibuprofen when I got back to work. That made me remember I'd forgotten to take my BP and allergy pills this morning!

Got back to work and decided to through the bag of trash out of my car. Walked over to the dumpster, gave a heave, and realized I had just let go of the taco bell bag, not the trash bag!

This day can not end quickly enough!

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