Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Will Wonders Never Cease?

Can you believe it..........the VA actually followed up with ME yesterday, instead of the other way around!

DH has fasting blood work next week, and then a visit to his new VA doctor the following week (i.e. two weeks from today).

That will be about 7 weeks after his last appointment, so we will see what the effect of his new diet (but still no exercise, alas!) has been on his weight and blood sugar levels. He's down about 5 lbs. (me, too!)

Yesterday a dear friend told me she'd hate to be in my shoes (dealing with a stroke victim on a 24/7 basis). What's funny is I'd hate to be in HER shoes (she has MS!)

Isn't is the truth -- your burdens are always easier to bear than someone else's!


Pat Montgomery said...

Good point! Living something everyday makes it easier because it is in increments, not a lump. Best wishes from another Diva

Eileen Williams said...

I love your spirit. Some people feel just the opposite. They think that everyone else's life is easier/better/more fulfilling than their own. You have a wonderful outlook and I'm sure your attitude has served you well over the years.

PopArtDiva said...

When you create a special diet for someone in your family you often end up on that same diet, don't you?

I lost weight when my Mom had her stroke because I cut out a ton of fat and sugar from her menu - it ended up cutting them from mine too and I developed a taste for fresh veggies and salads!

Melodieann said...

Your own burdens are always easier to deal with than another's because they are yours and God will never send you more than you can bear. That's something my Grandmother often told me that I truly believe. So that fact doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is that the VA actually followed up with you. Now THAT's a miracle!