Friday, January 13, 2006

Here's another "I am From" (Christmas)

I am from aluminum christmas trees and colorwheels, from paper garlands and angels on top.

I am from artificial Christmas trees, from plastic wreaths and pine scent in a can.

I am from the silk Pointsetta plant and plastic mistletoe hanging in the doorway.

I am from new pajamas on Christmas Eve, opening one present on Christmas Eve, and milk and cookies left out for Santa. From writing thank you notes before you could use your gifts. From champagne bubble bath and bath oil beads. From Dad's gifts, always big red handkerchiefs and white painter hats and socks we'd later make monkeys out of. From waking up early on Christmas morning and opening your stocking, and then going back to bed. From the time Mom let me help fill the stockings for the younger kids, but she still filled mine so I would be surprised.

From "You'd better go to sleep, or Santa won't come" and "you HAVE to believe in Santa or he won't bring you presents."

I am from Christmas Cantatas, Greg Thompsen singing "O Holy Night" and "Away in a Manager." From Jr. Choir robes with freshly pressed red bows. From a Baby who came to save us and give us life eternal.

From Christmas caroling, from hayrides and hot chocolate. From Christmas programs (when they were still called CHRISTMAS programs) at the fireman's hall, from chorus after chorus of Jingle Bells sung while waiting for Santa to arrive on a big red firetruck, from bags of hard candy, an apple and an orange.

I'm from the Nutty Nuggets Mom made every year and her homemade Butter Crunch Toffee and Confetti Bread. From sugar cookies and Mom's vast collection of cookie cutters, from bowls of colored frosting and sprinkles. From Agnes' chocolate dipped creams. From Mary's leftover Ice Cream Snowballs with candles. From popcorn balls, peppermint ice cream and too many cookies. From the time the turkey wasn't ready when we were, of sitting down to a holiday feast of "the sides" and turkey later that night.

From the time Dad "rewrapped" Uncle Eddie's present to Judy, covering the mpeccably wrapped gift with brown paper bags, and baling rope. From bicycles with streamers, from roller skates with black and pink pompoms. From new Bibles, charm bracelets, and new underwear.

I am from boxes of Christmas decorations, carefully packed away in boxes in the attic, from homemade ornaments lovingly saved year after year, from green and red paper cut into strips and Elmer's Glue to hold them together.

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