Sunday, January 29, 2006

I am From (Summers in Seattle)

I am from one bag of clothes stuffed in a paper bag with room for only one Sunday dress. From "For heaven's sake, let your sister stretch out." From ice chests filled with fried chicken and green grapes, from boloney and cracker sandwiches, from a picnic on a rock somewhere on the Klamath River.

I am from Saturday night popcorn and Black Cherry Kool-Aid,. From a truck farm with blueberry bushes and strawberry plants. From peanut butter sandwiches and honey. From picking wild huckleberries in the woods and raspberries at Aunt Clara's.

I am from a week at Aunt Cora's and Aunt Rosie's, and Uncle Eddie's Packard. From Rick and Barbie, from Aunt Cora's "female surgery" and seeing "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World." on a 180 degree screen. From Ronny and Agnes and Concentration and Go Fish on the front lawn. From plastic swimming pools and picnics at Juanita Beach. From accidentially brushing my teeth with Uncle Jim's Brylcream. From Elaine and Saturday nights at the Laundromat; from coke dispensed from a machine into tiny paper cups, from tiny boxes of Tide. From Pike's Market and the Ballard Locks; from the Seafair Parade and hydroplane races. From Woodland Park Zoo and plastic elephant keys. From lima beans and candy bar bribes. From Salvation Army and 25 cent turquoise ballet flats. From "It's a big chicken" and family reunions. From a place where a mailman would deliver Dad's letter to Mom, a letter addressed to "Granny Goose."

I am from Willie and Tillie, the mallard ducks, and Pepper, the spotted horse who never foaled, but always looked like the would. From banty chickens hatched in a box on my lap. From "That's not Susie!", "Eat your green beans," and "Don't sit on the couch with your buckle shoes." From "My hamburger is rare', Susan said sadly. 'I'll burn it up,' Grandma then said madly."

I am from a Grandmother who knew the value of a dollar, and a Grandfather who knew how to spend one.

I am from the boarding house and 16613 North Road.

I am from summers in Seattle.

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