Sunday, September 17, 2006

Red Hat Saturday

My Red Hat friend, Jan, & I had a delightful day Saturday! It was a full 12 hours from the time she picked me up in EG till she dropped me back off. Amtrak was rather slow we thought, but that gave us more time for chatting on the way in (and sleeping on the way back!)

The Ferry Building and outdoor farmer's market were wonderful! We both came back with our tote bags overflowing.

It was hard to choose a place to eat, but we finally settled on Ferry Plaza Seafood. Good choice, Jan! She let me pick the wine, and I paired a nice pinot grigio with our seafood.

We couldn't get enough of the fresh produce (although it was definitely higher priced than the farmer's markets here!) $3 a pound for dry farmed tomatoes, but they were worth every penny! Lots of the vendors gave out samples, and the peaches were a sure bet after we tasted them---summer in every bite! Let's see, Jan came home with some nice looking potatoes and a loaf of asiago cheese bread that kept calling her name all day! I think she ended up with some really fresh looking green beans as well. I brought home some fingerling potatoes and a loaf of green onion bread (yes, Jan, my dinner sandwich was awesome!) and a loaf of sourdough we'll use today for "buns" for hamburgers. We bought a couple of desserts, Jan a brownie, and me a raspberry macaroon that we munched on while walking about and people watching. Lots of olive oil and vinegar tasting to be had as well.

Did I leave anything out, Jan?

My first "real" train ride, and I must say trying to figure out the timetable was an experience in itself! I was amazed how clean and well maintained both train stations were (I guess I was thinking more along the line of Greyhound bus terminals! (~_~)

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