Sunday, January 04, 2009

RESOLVED: To Be Present

For several years now, I have realized the importance of "being in the moment"----to "be present" no matter what I am doing.

This was illustrated quite profoundly last week when I went to Sea World with our daughter and three grandgirls.

There was a young man sitting in the row in front of us at the Viva show.

Quite the multitasker he was.

With one hand he had his camcorder pointed at the action on the stage (or should I say water). The other hand was busily texting away on his cellphone. Somehow he had his map of the park spread across his lap, and was studying that, too.

Yeah, he thinks. When I get home tonight I can watch the tape.

What he didn't realize was something I could easily see sitting in the elevated seat behind him. The camcorder was pointed so that the heads of the performer had been cut off. What he was videotaping was virtually worthless.

He had missed the show, both live, and later, on tape.

How many of us go through life like this?

When I was much younger and my now grown-children-with-children-of-their-own were young, I wished much of their life away. When they learned to (fill in the blank----sleep through the night, walk, talk......) life would be easier. Always wanting them to fast forward through whatever awkward stage they were going through.

How much joy and happiness I let slip through my fingers.

With the sand in my hourglass fuller on the bottom these days, I strive not to make that error with what time I have left.

Resolve to be present in your life in 2009!


Melodieann said...

How I wish I had read your words of wisdom when I was raising my own daughter. As an active duty sailor and single Mom, my milestones were also marked by how quickly my daughter learned to do things for herself so it would be easier for me. I didn't realize then all that I was missing in watching her grow up. Thankfully, God has seen fit to give me a second chance with my grandchildren and I have resolved not to miss a minute of it!

Betty Lynch said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom. Enjoy every minute...that's my motto

Tracy Lewis said...

This is so true......too many people live like this. People do need to learn to slow down and enjoy the moment for what it is!

Claudia Meydrech said...

Wow are you ever so right on with this, there are so many distractions and so many things that one can do, and yes, I do think back to missed opportunities with my children...but also remember many that weren't missed because I was able to stay home with them.

Love the line about the hourglass being "fuller on the bottom" now...time is precious, and so are you!

rosie said...

Spoken like a true baby boomer who has begun to appreciate the power of presence. Thanks for this post