Friday, November 12, 2004

10 Places I've been

10 Places I've been (besides where I grew up & live now)

1. California-Disneyland, Dodger Stadium, SanDiego Zoo, Sea World, San Francisco, Needles, Monterey, Carmel, Capitol building in Sacramento, MarineWorld, wine country in Napa Valley and Amador County (and lots of other places all over the state)
2. Texas - Austin, Dallas (JFK Museum, Southfork, the WestEnd), Fort Worth (Billy Bob's), San Antonio (The Alamo, Sea World
3. Kauai, Hawaii
4. Vancouver, BC and Tijuana, Mexico
5. Washington - Seattle for 3 months every summer as a kid (World's Fair in 1962), Everett, Bothell, Whidbey Island
6. Oregon - Oregon Caves, Sea Lion Caves
7. Tennessee - Nashville (Fan Fair 1992)
8. Nevada - Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin
9. Arizona - Kingman, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Williams (Grand Canyon)
10. A bunch of other states on the way to and from Tennessee (see #7 above)

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