Monday, December 03, 2007

Are you " giving back" this Christmas?

As complicated as the holiday's can be, there's got to be room for joy and generosity, gratitude and goodness, peace on earth, goodwill toward everyone!" --Oprah Winfrey

Someone on one of my yahoo groups sent me this quote today. It couldn't be more timely. Somehow, it never seems like Christmas until I do my good deed.

I have a group of 20+ ladies I've been hanging around with for over a year now. We call ourselves the "Classic Divas." We are in our fifties and beyond, and have found so much in common. We play poker once a month, and our $5 buy-in is ultimately given to charity (winner's choice). I just headed a food drive for Thanksgiving, and we were pleased to have collected nearly 50 cans to donate to the local food bank. And now I have a toy sitting in the back of my van, ready to drop off at the fire station near my work, for a local kid's toy drive.

And yes, I have dozens of cookies to make before this weekend--but the true meaning of Christmas, celebrating the greatest Gift we have ever received, remains foremost in my heart and soul.

What will YOU do this Christmas season to reach out to others?


Mispoetic said...

Hi Susan,

I think my Christmas is getting more this year while sharing amongst our sisters...I feel as though spreading out with the 'flock' has allowed me to meet others, who in turn, have the exact support one another! It is incredible! Did you hear about my fist reporting job with Raven?? lol Pop by Freesia fever or back at my book blog...put the posts up late this afternoon to share with the BBD's!

See you around the blogging circle... :)

Mispoetic said...

Make that FIRST reporting job...sorry-