Monday, December 10, 2007

Classic Divas

Here in Elk Grove (suburb of Sacramento) there is a community bulletin board with about 10,000 members. It's an online thing.

Right before hurricane Katrina, a gal started a "diva" group (mostly in their 30s-40s). From that, some of us older women (50s-60s) decided the Red Hat Society was not yet our style, and formed the "Classic Divas."

We meet weekly for lunch, monthly for poker, and soon monthly for bunko! In between, we go wine tasting, go to plays and museums, have potlucks and video nights. Recently we watched Dr. Northrup's "Menopause and Beyond."

We collected cans for the local food bank at Thanksgiving, using the slogan "Classic Divas CAN Do It." We play poker every month, and the winner donates all the winnings to the charity of her choice. Soon we will be having a monthly bunko game, and will collect money for our local food bank.

But mostly, we meet for friendship! These women literally saved my life after a bout of depression that seriously impacted my quality of life.

I can't say enough about the power of girlfriends and remembering those less fortunate.

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