Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Traditions - Tree Staring!

I thought I'd share with you (over the course of the next few days) some of my favorite Christmas traditions.

For as long as I can remember, one of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is to enjoy my decorated tree. I love to sit down at night when the house is dark and quiet, with only the Christmas tree lights on. I settle back into the couch, plump up a couple of pillows, turn on the holiday music. With glass of wine in hand, I contemplate the tree and it's decorations. Our tree has always had "unusual" decorations hidden in among the classic bulbs and baubles.

There's the teeny tiny gold Tupperware "wonderlier" bowl on a keychain, symbolizing my days as a "Tupperware Lady" back in the late 70's. There's the red guitar we got on our oldest son's first Christmas. There's the orange and white striped ball son #2 picked out when he was just old enough to say the word "ball", because that's what he thought it looked like. There's the ice cream cone, fashioned from a real ice cream cone and with a slight "bite" out of bottom, made by our daughter in 2nd grade. And the "World's Greatest Mom" signed, shaped like a yellow yield sign, that my daughter picked out for me one year.

When the kids were little, they each got a new ornament for Christmas. After hubby's stroke, we packed up and moved in with one of our kids. One of the things we did was to separate the ornaments and send each child theirs. So lots of the ornaments I now see only in my mind.

Life changes, circumstances change, people change. But my holidays memories?

Priceless and forever in my heart.

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Mark said...

What a great idea. I love to watch the tree late at night too. I have lots of little mirrored ornaments on my tree and the light really bounces off of them. My kids and I sit around the tree and listen to Santa stories from . They really love them. Then I show them where Santa is going to put all of their gifts Christmas morning...that is, if they are good!