Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our 39th wedding anniversary.

After hubby's stroke, I kind of "gave up" on him remembering things like that. So this year I decided not to get him a card or even mention what day it was.

Imagine my surprise when I got up this morning and there was a card sitting on the bathroom sink!

He said he was in a store the other day and happened to walk down the card aisle, and something in his "post stroke" brain remembered our anniversary. He did have to ask someone what the date was however.

Things like this remind me that it truly is the "little things" in life that make a difference.

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BeverlyM said...

Let me be your first cyberspace Diva friend to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And you're right---it's the little things that can make a huge difference in our lives.